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2010 GCE A-Level H2 Mathematics 9740 Paper 1 Worked Solutions

November 15, 2010Wei Jie 4 Comments »

The worked solutions to the GCE A-Level H2 Mathematics 9740 Paper 1 are now available on Also included are H2 Paper 2 and H1 Paper 1. Please feel free to discuss the solutions below!

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2010 GCE A-Level H2 Mathematics 9740 Paper 2 Worked Solutions

November 14, 2010Wei Jie 1 Comment »

For those who have just completed the GCE A-Level H2 Mathematics 9740 Paper 2, we are pleased to inform you that the worked solutions have been uploaded on The solutions for Paper 1 will be uploaded shortly.

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2010 H2 Mathematics – Possible Questions on Statistics

October 27, 2010Wei Jie 1 Comment »

The boundary separating pure mathematics and statistics is becoming less distinct. Last year, a slight tinge of differentiation was found embedded within the statistics section of the paper. This would suggest that the examiners are starting to mix various topics into a single question.

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Possible Questions for H2 Mathematics (2010)

October 26, 2010Wei Jie 1 Comment »

The H2 Mathematics paper seems to be more challenging each year, especially with the possibility of unexpected questions, which leave students claiming that a particular question type was not taught. In this article, we explore the possible question which may appear in this year’s paper. Hopefully, this can help you score some additional marks here […]

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TI-84 Plus OS 2.53MP Update

April 10, 2010Wei Jie No Comments »

If you haven’t already heard so, TI has released the OS 2.53MP, which introduces MathPrint, which gives a textbook display of the equations. Since its release, students would not be spared from forgetting the ) at the end of sqrt(. In addition, you would be able to scroll the history of calculations in version 2.53MP, […]

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