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Topics for 2009 A Level H2 Physics

November 19, 2009Wei Jie 2 Comments »

Here are the topics which have appeared in the 2009 H2 Physics Paper 2. 1 Measurement (vectors) Kinematics (velocity, acceleration) Motion in a Circle (centripetal force) 2 Kinematics (projectile motion) Dynamics (impulse, collision) 3 Forces (moments, equilibrium, CG) 4 Superposition (diffraction grating) 5 Electric Fields (force, force-distance graph) 6 Electromagnetic Induction (flux linkage, Faraday’s Law) […]

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Changing to Physics Mode

November 14, 2009Wei Jie No Comments »

Now that all the mathematics is over and you have taken a look at the maths paper solutions, it is time for the physics papers! Before you leave for Paper 2, remember to bring a curve ruler in the unlikely event that you are required to plot a graph, in addition to the usual items, […]

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