The Results are Out!

January 12, 2010Wei Jie No Comments »

The results for the 2009 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations have been released on 11 January 2010. This year, I have four graduating students. Our students mainly scored distinctions for mathematics and science subjects. Below are the results of each individual:

Students A and B signed up for group tuition together, just three weeks before the examinations.

Student A Student B
Mathematics D7 to A1 C5 to A1
Additional Mathematics F9 to B3 D7 to A2

Student C started tuition since July 2008.

Mathematics B3 to A1
Additional Mathematics B4 to A1
Physics C6 to A2
Chemistry E8 to A2

Student D started tuition since December 2007.

Mathematics C5 to A1
Additional Mathematics E8 to A1
Science (Physics/Chemistry) F9 to A2

Congratulations to all our students!

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