2010 GCE O-Level Mathematics 4016 Paper 2 Worked Solutions

October 27, 2010Wei Jie 46 Comments »

Just managed to type out the GCE O-Level Mathematics 4016 Paper 2 worked solutions. Same thing, if you happen to spot any careless mistakes, simply leave a comment below.

The solutions to the 2010 Mathematics Paper 1 and 2 have been uploaded here:


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  • james Says:

    i think your Qn 6c should be 42/x – 42/x-0.5 = 10/60 since john is faster than peter by 10 min

  • james Says:

    sry its correct

  • Marcus Says:

    Could we get a scan of the P2 Graph? We won’t be able to check our answers with just values.

  • Nic Says:

    Can you check the answer for question 5 again??
    I think the answer should be wrong

  • Sam Says:

    nic . qns 5 ans is correct . abcde is points of a polygon . x isn’t

  • -.- Says:

    question5 isn’t wrong, CXD isn’t part of the polygon..

  • woots Says:

    yeah i freaking thought it was part of the polygon till the last 10 min.
    Shouldnt the graph have 2 curve, with one at arnd day 70, though its the end point. I thought math has to join all point unlike sciences.
    Also gradient for graph is negative.

  • woots Says:

    Oops I didnt realise that the gradient has been edited. Anyway the explanation is wrong. Decreasing at -0.027kg/day means that it is increasing.

  • :P :D Says:

    Q6d do we nid to reject one of it?

  • Deus Says:

    I agree with woots why draw a best fit line for the graph, its maths not chem/physics.
    @:P 😀 I don’t think so because that x can be both positive OR negative unless its being subsituted into the eqn like 6e at which point you do reject the negative answer.

  • woots Says:

    Dont have to reject. They asked you to solve the eqn. Not the speed of John. So the negative value is still a solution. Reject it at the next part.

  • La Says:

    No amaths?

  • qwerty Says:

    @ woots agree with you.. for the graph all point was suppose to be join not a straight line..

  • Esther Says:

    Is there a need to include the table of values for the graph?

  • Tan Says:

    For Qn 7d part i,

    I think its abit confusing… They say the fence is formed by panels UP TO 3 metres long… Dosent it mean that the panels isnt a fixed 3 metre???

    Panels can be bought at any length up to 3 metres… Can’t we Buy 25 and 0.878 panels?

  • Lee Says:

    Cuz no shop will be able to sell the 0.123 <– common sense explanation.

  • Ace Says:

    For question 6 the last part shouldn’t it be 34 secs since he can’t complete the race in 33 secs ?

  • erron Says:

    question 5 why find exterior angle?they want angle XCD isnt it use (n-2)x180/n?

  • erron Says:

    then 180- the answer divide it by 2? sorry for double post

  • Tan Says:

    Why not? since its up to 3m u can measure the length that u want… Have u ever seen a fence with overhanging side??

  • tte Says:


    Then you might as well consider the possibility of the value of the dollar in interests and other totally irrelevant factors like the frictional force and wind speed when peter and john are running in the marathon. It’s a maths paper, not a life paper. Use the given circumstances and use common sense. No creative thinking is required.

  • Lol Says:

    I think the graph question is wrong.
    Question did not ask for best fit. There should be 2 turning points, in order to do last part

  • Ace Says:

    So about the timing, 33s or 34s ? John could not have completed his race in 33s right although its 33 when rounded off

  • Wei Jie Says:

    La, and everyone else who sent in emails: Sorry to keep everyone waiting! Feel free to discuss about Additional Mathematics 4038 paper 1 and paper 2. The worked solutions have been posted on MathsGuidebook.com.

    Tan, Lee, tte: Ok, honestly I did not notice the part ‘up to’. But what you have said is right. Well, I guess for the case of 7(d)(i), you’ll have to buy 26 panels and cut the last one yourself 😀 Here’s something to discuss… how about textile? If you were to buy some cloth at $10 per metre (not square metre! visit your nearest textile store for more details), are there shops that sell 2.5 metres or 6.25 metres of cloth?

    😛 :D: Not yet, reject in part (e) instead, since x has to be positive in this case. Part (d) only requires one to solve the equation. Since it’s a quadratic equation, give the two solutions.

    Ace: I would round it to the nearest integer.

    …and regarding question 9:

    Marcus, Woots, qwerty, Lol: Thank you for your comments! I’ll make changes to the graph accordingly and upload it soon! The curve has to go through all the points where possible.

    Esther: It’s not necessary, although some schools will want their students to include the table of values.

  • DMD Says:

    Do we have to retake our maths O level exam or the percentage will be brought higher because the solutions being released? …

  • Wei Jie Says:

    DMD: Nothing will be affected, the solutions were only created and released after the paper.

  • noname Says:

    About qn 7, part d(ii), I feel that the number of post should be 28, as there was 1 extra at the beginning of the panel, there should be 1 extra at the end too.

  • woots Says:

    1 panel -> 2 posts
    2 panels -> 3 posts
    3 panels -> 4 posts

  • James Says:

    I was wondering~ will the marker penalize because the answer is not in order? because i wrote my question 8 and 10 answer together in the same foolscape,so i was force to put my qns 9 graph paper in the last~ so its not in order

  • James Says:

    Answer sheet is not in order*

  • Martin Says:

    Is 233degree accepted instead of 233.3degree? For the bearing question.

  • AnoymousA Says:

    Regarding question 7di) Shouldn’t we round down the panels to 25 instead rounding up to 26? Doesn’t really make sense because it won’t fit the wall due to the oversize. We should just leave it as 25 and put the poles in instead of buying an extra one that would certainly not help in builing up the walls? Doesn’t really make sense right?

    Take this as an example.
    You have a box which can keep a limited number of books. You did the correct and original calculation like question 7di) and you found out that it’s in decimal place of 19.67999 books. How can you round up and squeeze the 20 books into the box which will eventually destroy the whole box? Or how can you cut the other book in 0.6999 portions of the book and make it fully packed? The leftover spaces should be ignored as the maximum number of books is already attained.

    This is just my interpretation, not a hate comment. Please don’t mind and i’d be happy if you can share your views too.

  • qwerty Says:

    I dont think cambridge want students to think that way..

  • Ash Says:

    @James: They won’t penalise. Half of us were instructed to put the graph at the back. The other half simply put in order. They aren’t supposed to penalise for that.

    @Martin: Should be accepted. Some learn as 3 digits (aka an integer), others learn to 1 decimal place.

    @AnoymousA: Hmm, perhaps this confusion lies with the interpretation of the question. Its true that if you use each panel as 3m, you will get an answer midway between 25 and 26. Lets say you take 25 3m panels, true. But then there is a section unaccounted for. The question did say ‘up to’, so you can order one more panel shorter than 3m to get 26 panels in total, just the right length for the length RS.

  • Me Says:

    For question 6e, I round up to 34 secs instead of 33 secs. Will they deduct 1 mark?

  • Ash Says:

    @Me: Not sure. But very likely that they will..

  • AnoymousA Says:

    @Ash I forgotten the marks given for the part di). Will there be any working marks for my misinterpretation but a correct step of solutions?

  • AnoymousA Says:

    @Ash Oh ya, regarding the “up to” stated in the question. Doesn’t it mean the maximum panel that can only be fix into it?

  • Hello Says:

    for the panel question, isn’t it 28 panels?

  • Ash Says:

    @AnoymousA: Its 1 mark. No working marks. The ‘up to’ means that panels can come in any lengths up to 3m. It doesn’t refer to the overall total for the length to be covered itself.

    @Hello: Nope. Its 26 panels.

  • Pure1223 Says:

    Qn 6(b)shuld be 84/(2x-1) instead of 42/(x-1/2) cause we cant have fraction nor decimal in fraction~

  • Sissy Says:

    1b, the answer of the bearing of D from B should be 3 significant figures, which will be 233 degree, instead of 233.3 degree.

    thankyou~ 😀

  • Nameless Says:

    The polygon thing too away too much of my marks! & the on the race thing, how many hours,minutes & SECONDS?! This paper is tricky! 🙁

  • Ash Says:

    @Nameless: you know, there is a function on your calculator that will give you the answer straightaway.

  • Wee Says:

    @Sissy if u have been doing maths long enought ALL degree need to be corrected to 1 decimal place which includes bearing so 233.3 is correct

  • Martin Says:

    The calculator got a button which gives you the direct answer.

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