Neglected Your Calculator?

November 6, 2009Wei Jie No Comments »

With just a few more days left to the H2 Mathematics paper, do not forget about your most important tool! It is none other than your graphic calculator, more commonly known as the GC.

If you have not seen it for some time, check that it is still somewhere with you. For those who have not been using their GC for quite some time after the preliminary examinations, remember to replace the batteries in order to prevent a shock when you enter the examination hall.

Low Battery

Ok, that applies to those who have not yet replaced your batteries in the past two years.

If you have not updated your calculator firmware to version 2.43, remember to install it before you sit for your papers, otherwise all your useful applications such Catalog Help and Poly Root Finder may disappear when you reset your calculator.

All the best for the H1/H2 Mathematics papers!

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