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November 10, 2009Wei Jie 61 Comments »

Update: The worked solutions for the 2009 A-Level H2 Mathematics Paper 1 and Paper 2 have been uploaded. Download a copy today!

For students taking H1 Mathematics, congratulations! No more mathematics for the time being. For students taking H2 Mathematics, there is still another paper on Friday morning. The following topics have appeared in Paper 1:

Qn Topic Marks
1 Simultaneous Equations, Inequalities 6
2 Integration 5
3 Partial Fractions, Method of Differences 7
4 Functions, Integration, Transformation 8
5 Mathematical Induction, Summation 8
6 Conics 8
7 Maclaurin’s Series (Binomial Expansion) 9
8 Arithmetic and Geometric Series 11
9 Complex Numbers (de Moivre’s Theorem) 12
10 Vectors (Planes) 12
11 Integration (Substitution, Area, Volume) 14

Arranged by topic,

Topic / Subtopic Marks
1             Functions and Graphs 22
1.1 Functions 8
1.2 Graphing Techniques 8
1.3 Equations and Inequalities 6
2             Sequences and Series 26
2.1 Summation of Series 15
2.2 Arithmetic and Geometric Series 11
3             Vectors 12
3.1 Vectors in Two Dimensions
3.2 Vectors in Three Dimensions 12
4             Complex Numbers 12
4.1 Complex Numbers Expressed in Cartesian Form
4.2 Complex Numbers Expressed in Polar Form 12
5             Calculus 28
5.1 Differentiation
5.2 Maclaurin’s Series 9
5.3 Integration Techniques 5
5.4 Definite Integrals 14
5.5 Differential Equations

Pure Mathematics Topics which have not appeared and will definitely appear in Paper 2:

Topic Predicted Marks
Vectors in 2D 11 / 12
Differentiation and its Applications 8 / 9
Differential Equations 7 / 8

Topics which have appeared in Paper 1 but may reappear in Paper 2:

Topic Predicted Marks
Complex Numbers 8 / 9
Graphing Techniques* 8 / 9

*Update: This subtopic could have been tested in 4(ii) if you would like to see it this way.

However, do not take the chance! Study the other topics as well, but place more emphasis on the above topics.

All the best for Paper 2!

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  • Wei Jie Says:

    charlotte: Don’t be surprised if your prelims are modelled after this year’s paper! 🙂

  • Wen Shih Says:

    Dear JC 1 students,

    Mid-year and Prelim papers almost certainly replicate features of the most recent papers. Hope this tip will help you focus. Thanks!

    Wen Shih

    Dear Wei Jie,

    Your effort on the worked solutions is commendable, thanks!

    Wen Shih

  • rafflesian Says:

    i have an even better suggestion. instead of wasting so much time debating on the answers for math, how about just focusing on the upcoming papers? (:

  • sam Says:

    omg thanks for the answers. any idea roughly how much a B would be? A is definately out of the question for me):

  • Chua Says:

    Hi there,

    for question 8(ii) why cant we take the answer from part(i) no restriction minus away the number of ways that T and D will be next to each other.

    in this case,
    it will be 6720-(7!/3!)

    thank you

  • Chua Says:

    sorry i realize my mistake i should have multiply it by 2 since T and D are inter-changeable.
    thank you : )

  • Wei Jie Says:

    Wen Shih: Thank you!

    Sam: Nobody knows, everything is just an estimate.

    Chua: That would be an alternative method to obtain the answer. However, T and D can switch places (i.e. TD and DT). Therefore, 6720-(7!/3!)*2! will give you the correct answer.

  • Wei Jie Says:

    Chua: Yup, they are interchangeable. This is a fairly common careless mistake.

  • chua Says:

    haha thanks alot.hope there will be like one consolation mark.


  • Buzzingbee11 Says:

    Hey! It’s less than two days to the ‘A’ levels. I’m really worried for my H2 maths! I checked my answers and found that I got around 89-91 for paper 1. But my paper 2 (the one which nearly everybody says is easier) was HORRIBLE for me!!! I think i got like around 73-76 there!!! Will it balance off and will i get A? Is it likely that the A can rise to 80-85? Considering that a lot of people said the paper was easy?

  • Wei Jie Says:

    Yes, it should be safe. Don’t worry!

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